Rushin Patel

Tenant Improvement Construction Manager

As a Tenant Improvement Construction Manager at Samuels & Associates, Rushin Patel oversees all aspects of on-site pre-construction, construction, and tenant delivery for the firm’s properties. Rushin also coordinates with development teams to provide construction input for current and upcoming projects and their tenants.

Prior to joining Samuels & Associates, Rushin worked with The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company where he oversaw multiple multi-million-dollar construction projects in and around the Greater Boston area. With experience as a general contractor, Rushin is excited to be in this role with Samuels & Associates as it allows him the opportunity to be involved in the entire planning process from initial vision design to completed development.

Rushin, passionate about music, enjoys listening to all genres, plays a traditional folk instrument called the Dhol, and is even learning how to DJ. Rushin earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from The University of Connecticut.