Cultural Resource

The Fenway Neighborhood

The Reason

While physical community bulletin boards are less common these days, a neighborhood’s visitors and residents continue to place high value on a central resource for insider information on where to live, eat, shop, drink, and be entertained. With so much happening in The Fenway these days, there was a need to unite those who were interested in learning more about and exploring Boston’s creative and cultural hub.

The Result debuted in early 2018, offering a one-stop-shop for all things Fenway, from food and events to parking and giveaways. Visitors and residents can find the latest news, tips, and convenient tools that make navigating the neighborhood like an insider even easier, such as:

  • Easy ticket purchase through Ace Tickets
  • Advance parking spot reservation
  • An automatic itinerary generator that can plan your next day in The Fenway
  • Monthly giveaways to newsletter subscribers
  • Insider access to shop and retailer promotions, events, etc.

The Fenway

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