401 Park in The Fenway

401 Park in The Fenway



401 Park Drive, Boston MA

The Reason

For decades, a parking lot sat at the busy intersection of Brookline Avenue and Park Drive, an eyesore distracting from the historic Art Deco-style building that itself had landmark legacy. But the plot was destined to be a more welcoming area, one that could reconnect the neighborhood to the Emerald Necklace and Muddy River and bring a new area of public amenities to the neighborhood unlike any other.

The Result

Since its redevelopment was completed in June of 2019, 401 Park has become a hotspot for entertainment and community. Embracing its industrial past, the interior renovation features exposed brick and concrete while offering modern seating and gathering areas in common spaces. The preserved exterior also buzzes with new life: from live music, fitness classes, and The Fenway Fridays during summer to the winter ice skating rink, 401 Park brings people together to gather and enjoy. Drawing foodies to Time Out Market, beer enthusiasts to Trillium’s tap room, art connoisseurs to Nicole Eisenman’s permanent installation, and adventure seekers coming to skate, dance, and work out – the center of gravity for The Fenway has officially shifted.