Michelle Elman

Employee Relations Manager

Michelle Elman joined the Samuels and Associates team in 2020 as the Employee Relations Manager. In her role, Michelle leads the team driving company culture through programming and events. She onboards and trains all new employees and manages the Samuels headquarters in The Fenway.

Michelle most recently worked as a leasing operations manager at WS Development; managing 10 leasing coordinators and onboarding new team members. Michelle acted as a liaison between multiple departments, improving the company’s processes and productivity. In her role, Michelle prioritizes team feedback to influence new initiatives and processes for the benefit of the entire team. Michelle “loves that S&A is a place where I can be myself and spend every day with colleagues I admire.”

An avid golfer and yogi, Michelle is always looking forward to her next high-tempo spin class or relaxing day on the beach. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Hartford.