Lawrence S. Green

Senior Construction Advisor

Born and raised in Boston, Larry Green is an engineer and construction director with over 50 years of industry experience. He began his distinguished professional career in 1963 soon after completing time in the U.S. Army. For the next 39 years he worked for multiple development and construction companies, becoming Vice President of Project Development for Beaver Builders Ltd., President of LSG Corporation and President of ABREEN Corporation.“I made the switch to full-time Samuels & Associates consultant around 2002,” he notes. It’s here that Larry uses his considerable expertise to ensure each of his jobs is on budget and on time. “That’s my passion,” Larry points out.

Not quite sure what he’ll do when he grows up, Larry is an avid pilot, once having owned a Korean War jet trainer and the current owner of a twin engine prop plane. When asked about his ideal development project, he is quick to respond, “nothing with great beauty; something supremely functional.”

A licensed Registered Professional Engineer, Civil and Structural in the state of New Hampshire, Larry is also a licensed Registered Professional Engineer, Civil and holds a Builder’s License, Unrestricted in Massachusetts.