Enrique Bellido

Senior Design and Construction Manager

Enrique Bellido is a Senior Design and Construction Manager at Samuels & Associates, working closely with the development team on S&A’s mixed use and multifamily development projects. A Boston resident since 1987, Enrique was an architect for approximately 10 years before transitioning to real estate development; as a result, he has worked with multiple building types. He thoroughly enjoys the Samuels team’s sense of camaraderie.

Prior to joining Samuels in 2019, Enrique served as Executive Vice President of Construction at Kensington Investment Company, where he led all the firm’s construction and design activities for projects in Boston and Utah. He was also a Managing Director of Design and Construction at Trinity Financial, managing projects in four New England states ranging from townhouses to podium buildings and steel and concrete high-rise buildings. Enrique has also enjoyed working at The Davis Companies, Fidelity Real Estate Group, Congress Group Ventures, and Northland Development Corporation.

Enrique grew up in Lima, Peru and came to the United States to get his Bachelor of Arts in architecture at the University of Arkansas and Master of Architecture from Virginia Tech. He has also taken professional development courses at universities in Massachusetts, England, and Spain. Enrique is a member of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers (NAREIM).

In his spare time, Enrique enjoys family dinners, playing golf with friends, and traveling. He is also active in community activities and organizations, including Saint Joseph Parish and Needham Pool and Racquet Club.