Claudia Montan

Employee Relations Manager

Claudia Montan is the Employee Relations Manager at Samuels & Associates. She is responsible for the new employee onboarding process and the retention, engagement, and experience of the entire S&A team.

Claudia works to grow the employee engagement program to ensure that the Samuels workplace embodies its values of thinking big, doing bigger, and enriching the culture of their community. Recently, Claudia coordinated with S&A tenants and other businesses throughout The Fenway to create an employee discount program. She consistently looks for ways to bring new touches, big and small, to the office.

Claudia’s customer relations skills have been developed and strengthened through previous experience in the hospitality and travel industries. She has demonstrated a clear ability to build relationships in her community and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

A Chelsea native, Claudia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Boston and enjoys traveling, dancing, crafting, camping and watching documentaries.