Ben Couture

General Manager

Ben Couture is the General Manager of 1330 Boylston. He is responsible for managing the building’s day-to-day and behind-the-scenes operations, as well as creating a sense of community and building personal relationships with residents. Ben returned to the role in 2019 after having served as General Manager for Samuels & Associates’ luxury tower Pierce Boston from 2017-2018. Throughout his career, Ben has brought together a passionate team of employees, all of whom work together to create successful, supportive and steady communities.

As an alum of Southern New Hampshire University’s Undergraduate and Graduate programs in business, Ben has put a unique stamp on the neighborhood. In addition to fully leasing Pierce Boston’s apartments ten months ahead of schedule, he ensured that the new building’s operations ran smoothly leading up to and following its grand opening in February 2018, all while simultaneously managing resident and construction priorities. His time at 1330 has been characterized by above-average survey scores and a large number of return residents, and he looks forward to continuing this tradition. He is proud to have had a hand in growing Samuels & Associates’ legacy in The Fenway.

Although Ben takes his work seriously, he likes to bring some fun into the day-to-day. Though he has volunteered as a coach and worked with Habitat for Humanity in the past, his favorite hobby is taking care of his young daughters.